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PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#>
PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#>
PREFIX ack: <irk:/ackrep#>
    ?s ocse:R8303__has_general_system_property ocse:I7733__time_invariance.

Help and Examples for SPARQL Syntax: [ / ] SPARQL queries can be read as a very simple sentence of subject, predicate (sometimes a auxiliary verb such as "has" or "is" is implied), object. E.g. SELECT ?book WHERE { ?book has_author MarkTwain. } selects all books of the author Mark Twain existing in the database. Depending on where the subject, predicate or object is defined, different prefixes have to be prepended (e.g. "rdf:", "rdfs:" for general namespaces and "P:" for the ackrep-specific namespace). For a more detailed introduction to SPARQL Queries, see Wikidata SPARQL tutorial.

Some examples of usefull queries in the ackrep context:
Find the entity with a given key (e.g. UXMFA): PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?entity WHERE { ?entity ocse:R2950__has_corresponding_ackrep_key "UXMFA". }
Get all relations of all exising system models: PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?relation WHERE { ?entity ?relation ?o. ?entity :R4__is_instance_of ocse:I7641__general_system_model. } Get all relations that have a system model as first argument: PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?relation WHERE { ?relation :R8__has_domain_of_argument_1 ocse:I7641__general_system_model. } Note the difference between the two preceding queries!

Get all pyirk items: PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item (:R4__is_instance_of|:R3__is_subclass_of)* :I1__general_item }
Some more useful and complex queries:
Find all system models that are represented by a partial differential equation: PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?entity WHERE { ?entity :R4__is_instance_of ocse:I7641__general_system_model. ?entity ocse:R2928__has_model_representation ?representation. ?representation :R4__is_instance_of ocse:I8063__partial_differential_equation. }
Find all system models that have system order of 3 and are autonomous PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?model WHERE { ?model ocse:R9125__has_input_dimension 0. ?model ocse:R2928__has_model_representation ?repr. ?repr ocse:R2112__has_state_dimension 3. }
Note: Tags of problems and solutions are depricated and will soon be implemented in pyirk.
Select all ackrep entities that use linear state feedback: PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?entity ?tag WHERE { ?entity ocse:R1070__has_old_tag ?tag. ?tag :R1__has_label "ocse:Linear_State_Feedback". }
Select all entites, that have both of the tags "Convergence_To_Desired_Trajectory" and "Trajectory_Generation": PREFIX : <irk:/builtins#> PREFIX ocse: <irk:/ocse/0.2/control_theory#> SELECT ?entity WHERE { ?entity ocse:R1070__has_old_tag ?tag1. ?entity ocse:R1070__has_old_tag ?tag2. ?tag1 :R1__has_label "ocse:Convergence_To_Desired_Trajectory". ?tag2 :R1__has_label "ocse:Trajectory_Generation". }

Results (31)

['Ia1697', rdflib.term.Literal('testsyslti', lang='en')]
['Ia1697', rdflib.term.Literal('roessler attractor', lang='en')]
['Ia1720', rdflib.term.Literal('triple pendulum', lang='en')]
['Ia2094', rdflib.term.Literal('ball beam', lang='en')]
['Ia2260', rdflib.term.Literal('winkler system', lang='en')]
['Ia2303', rdflib.term.Literal('wave equation 1D', lang='en')]
['Ia2426', rdflib.term.Literal('furuta pendulum', lang='en')]
['Ia2561', rdflib.term.Literal('testsystipoly', lang='en')]
['Ia2987', rdflib.term.Literal('Heat Equation', lang='en')]
['Ia3336', rdflib.term.Literal('sys', lang='en')]
['Ia3586', rdflib.term.Literal('ball in tube', lang='en')]
['Ia3719', rdflib.term.Literal('PVTOL with 2 forces', lang='en')]
['Ia4150', rdflib.term.Literal('cartpole system', lang='en')]
['Ia5285', rdflib.term.Literal('sys', lang='en')]
['Ia5367', rdflib.term.Literal('tora', lang='en')]
['Ia6309', rdflib.term.Literal('permanent magnet DC motor', lang='en')]
['Ia6764', rdflib.term.Literal('linear transport system', lang='en')]
['Ia6825', rdflib.term.Literal('double crane', lang='en')]
['Ia6860', rdflib.term.Literal('buck converter', lang='en')]
['Ia6928', rdflib.term.Literal("kapitza's pendulum", lang='en')]
['Ia7055', rdflib.term.Literal('acrobot', lang='en')]
['Ia7299', rdflib.term.Literal('lorenz system', lang='en')]
['Ia7499', rdflib.term.Literal('two mass floating bodies', lang='en')]
['Ia7652', rdflib.term.Literal('inertia wheel pendulum', lang='en')]
['Ia7781', rdflib.term.Literal('buck-boost converter', lang='en')]
['Ia8424', rdflib.term.Literal('testsysti', lang='en')]
['Ia8662', rdflib.term.Literal('lotka volterra', lang='en')]
['Ia8745', rdflib.term.Literal('four-bar linkage', lang='en')]
['Ia8973', rdflib.term.Literal('pendubot', lang='en')]
['Ia9085', rdflib.term.Literal('flyback converter', lang='en')]
['Ia9332', rdflib.term.Literal('boost converter', lang='en')]